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The number of first-time donors rose from 15,881 in FY08-09 to 21,516 in FY10-11, a 35 percent increase. IU Alumni Association members account for part of that increase: Membership now counts as a gift.



In 2011, for the second time in 10 years, Indiana University ranked #1 among American public universities in Total Voluntary Support. A $60 million gift from the Lilly Endowment pushed the total of public sector gifts and grants in the previous fiscal year (2009-10, on which the rankings were based) to $342.8 million.



Every university wants to grow its number of donors. Tracked by a three-year moving average, Indiana University’s growth rate in fiscal year 2009-10 was more than triple the Big Ten’s as a whole (3.9 percent versus 1.2 percent).



Gifts between $100,000–$999,999 increased by 24 percent in number and 32 percent in dollars, surpassing $49 million this year. This growth is a remarkable testament to how IU’s supporters are raising their philanthropic sights.



IU’s donors are loyal. Donor retention rate, the percentage of people who renew their gifts, has grown by more than 4 percent since fiscal year 2008-09, the bottom of the economic downturn.



Following the spike in mega-gifts of the last two years, gifts of $1 million or more returned to more typical levels: 19 gifts totaling $43.3 million, supporting schools ranging from art and music to law and medicine.