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At a time when the world faces great challenges—climate change and increasing demand for fossil fuels, alternative energy sources, and clean water—we ask ourselves:

What kind of world will future generations inherit? How will they fulfill the promise of a better tomorrow? Who will train them to think creatively and find solutions?

We will—with your help.

The IU Department of Geological Sciences has been at the forefront of geological exploration for 150 years. We unlock the potential of technology and innovation in traditional and emerging natural energy sources. We observe surfaces, peel back layers, uncover what’s hidden—so current and future generations have sustainable sources of energy, water, and metals. But our greatest achievements are yet to come.

As part of For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, we are committed to supporting tomorrow’s scientists and industry leaders, while also investing in the infrastructure necessary to accelerate research.

Together, we can chart a better future, for all.

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