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Who can answer the questions that people are afraid to ask anyone else?

Who can apply science to the mysteries of love, sexuality, and social relationships—and discover how they work to heal the human body?

Who can assemble a global database that documents the full spectrum of sexual behavior, to help distinguish what is cultural from what is biological?

Who can preserve art and artifacts from all corners of the globe that capture centuries of societal views on human sexuality—artifacts that most institutions won’t touch?

We can. Together.

Sexuality, love, and relationships are fundamental to our identity—as individuals, as communities, as cultures, as a species. Yet they are some of the least understood aspects of our existence. Ignorance, taboos, myths, and fear get in the way.

The Kinsey Institute exists to study these phenomena, in all their diversity and complexity. With your help, we can continue to advance scientific knowledge and understanding of love, sexuality, and well-being. Not just to document them, but to foster them and improve them—for all people.

For all their lives.

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