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Wells. Lilly. Wylie. The spaces and collections of IU Libraries are as diverse as the thousands of students, faculty, and staff they serve. As one of America’s top 15 public university libraries, we host more than 3 million visits each year—inspiring academic life at Indiana University.

However, like all libraries across the world, IU’s libraries have changed more in the last decade than in the 100 years preceding. As technology evolves and ways to access information change rapidly, IU Libraries stays a step ahead by offering services and resources that students, faculty, and staff require to do their life-changing work.

To continue to keep pace with these changes—and give our scholars everything they need to thrive—we must continually invest in our people, our spaces, and our collections.

When you give to IU Libraries as part of For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, you help us elevate our world-class facilities, support librarians and information professionals, and ensure that the intellectual life at IU continues to flourish.

Together, we can provide access to information for all. Will you join us?

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