Wells Scholars Program

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Who can find the most promising scholars, scientists, artists, and activists? Who can inspire them to become the leaders they always dreamed they could be? Who can foster a community of learning, innovation, and service for our university and our world?

We can. Together.

Honoring Indiana University’s most beloved chancellor, Herman B Wells, the Wells Scholars Program enables IU’s most talented students to fulfill their promise as innovators, problem solvers, humanitarians, and pioneers in their chosen fields. Our program embodies IU’s long tradition of discovering the best in students and inspiring them to grow into the greatest thinkers, leaders, and citizens they can be.

We believe the benefits of an IU education—and the graduates it produces—rival those of any university in the world. With your help, we will continue this tradition of excellence, and we will attract and develop the very best undergraduates from within the state and beyond.

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