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The School of Science at IUPUI is bringing great minds together in research, technology, health, and the community as we bridge STEM education with research. Entrepreneurial in spirit, we are ready and able to anticipate the newest trends in science. Our culture encourages the pursuit of cutting-edge research and innovative collaboration. Our faculty and future scientists are passionate about making an impact in their fields of study and the areas in which they live.

The School of Science teaches the most credit hours on the IUPUI campus. We recruit internationally renowned faculty members every year. Forty percent of our undergraduate students come from the top ten percent of their high school classes. Our graduates are prepared for an ever-changing future.

Our reputation is strong, but to achieve the next level of prominence, it will take you. You have the power to help us move from our reputation as a leader in Indiana to a national leader with significant resources.

With the launch of For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, we invite you to join us in support of the IUPUI School of Science and our mission to improve technology, health, and the community for generations to come.

Together, we can fulfill the promise of a stronger Indiana, and a better world for all.

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