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We know that a brighter future for Indiana depends on higher education. And to realize that future, we must do more than simply offer degrees. We must support, guide, and surround students with plentiful resources that meet the needs of their individual educational journeys.

At the IUPUI Division of Undergraduate Education, we are the gateway for new and first-year students, supporting them through the transition to their academic school of major choice. We promote on-time graduation for all undergraduate students at IUPUI. We are guides and mentors, advisors and counselors—a coalition of people who work every day to ensure that the next generation thrives.

And with your help, we can be the single most powerful force for change in the lives of IUPUI students. We will help them overcome financial need and shortfalls in academic preparation. We will elevate their college experience, helping them explore possibilities that might otherwise go unseen. We will continue to offer innovative programming and effective services, providing an even stronger foundation for their educational and career success.

Join us as we raise critical private support as part of For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign.

Because together, we can fulfill the promise of a stronger Indiana and a more prosperous world for all.

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