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This is your campus.

Thanks to your hard work, talents, and commitment, you’ve helped create a campus experience unlike any other.

Through the 2020 IU Bloomington Campus Campaign, you can deepen your impact on the campus you love and extend your legacy by supporting:

  • IU Bloomington programs or causes you’re passionate about
  • Scholarships that make an IU education more accessible for talented, hard-working students
  • Faculty research that drives innovation and enhances education
  • Staff resources that serve the needs of the IU Bloomington community
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“I’m giving to my home.”

So says Linda Smith, distinguished professor and Chancellor’s Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, who started working on the Bloomington campus in 1977 at the age of 25. In this video, Professor Smith and two of her peers explain why they give to IU.

Description of the video:

[ Music ] >> I've had one job, I came here at 25, joined the faculty, never left. >> I guess I always knew, I've always known, this is home. >> The person who I am, is very much affected by the opportunities that I was given at Indiana University. >> I'm finally able to sort of say thank you and do something in return for the university that nurtured me and supported me all of these years. >> I'm often surprised by many people are sort of shocked that faculty would give. It's like, what do you do, you just work there, right? But, the faculty are the university. >> A faculty member has good insights where the organization can improve. >> Faculty are a very special part of the university. >> The faculty are essentially the glue that hold, in my view, the purpose and integrity of the university together. >> But over the long haul, IU is really, I think, a very well-run and wise kind of place. So I trust them. >> I think the beauty of a true major university is a place that promotes research, scholarship, high quality teaching, as well as a place that is open to diverse opinions and ideas. I get to make this, this you know, this wonderful gesture designed to kind of tell the story to the world about what we do here. >> Well, I'm giving it to my home. I just want them to be able to thrive. >> I'm directing my gifts to my department and so they can spend it on graduate travel or whatever the highest priority is, 5 years, or 10 years from now. >> I have the opportunity to play a role in shaping how these funds are used in real time to benefit both our faculty, and our students in the area of criminal law. >> It dawned on me that really for my career, who I needed to thank was the psychology department at Indiana University and its entirety and so that's what I did. [ Music ] You know, certainly a hundred-million-dollar gift to name a school or building has a big impact. >> But a $500 gift to send a graduate student to a professional meeting, can be a real professional life changing impact on that one student. >> The fact that I'm able to now do something to build and to enhance what we do here and to know that that's going to carry forward, it matters that this is the flagship university in a great state. >> And I feel an obligation and a responsibility to give back, to say thank you, to make this university a better place for future generations. >> It's a feeling that's very hard to describe. My entire life has been shaped by the fact that I'm here at this university. It's our home, it will always be our home. And the university is my home, my intellectual home. >> I owe my career to this place. I came in a baby and they made me a pretty good scientist. [ Music ]

I feel an obligation and a responsibility to give back, to say thank you, to make this university a better place for future generations.

Bruce Jaffee, Professor Emeritus of Business Economics and Public Policy
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IU has enriched my life in so many ways during my time as a student, alum, and staff member. I want to support parts of IU that I care deeply about and make sure others have the same—or better—opportunities to learn and grow.

Keith Roach, Brand Marketing Consultant, IU Studios

We’re here to help.

When it comes to the Campus Campaign, your unit coordinator is your go-to resource. Whether you have questions about how to give or you want to learn more about your unit’s giving priorities, your unit coordinator can help.

We are celebrating IU’s 200th birthday with the happy recognition that the campus institutions that unite us are strong, and our ability to work collectively together is even stronger.

Lauren Robel, Provost and Executive Vice President of IU Bloomington

Frequently asked questions

Indiana University is state-assisted, but the proportion of state support is shrinking. The balance comes from tuition, fees, contracts, grants, and private gifts. Every great university depends on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations to provide resources that are not available otherwise.

Every gift is important. We’ve seen the great things that the Bloomington campus community can accomplish when it comes together. The Campus Campaign is no different. Our collective gifts—no matter how big or small—add up quickly and can make a major difference.

The beauty of the Campus Campaign is that you choose what your gift supports. Many faculty and staff members give to their own units or programs, while others give to causes all across campus.

Yes. Your gift can be directed to a specific school, unit, or program. Give today and choose from a wide range of causes.

First off, thank you for considering a gift to IU! You can give through payroll deduction, establish a recurring gift, or complete the one-time gift form.

Or you can visit give.iu.edu, choose how and to what cause you want to give, and follow the instructions.

You have the opportunity to select one of three options on the payroll deduction form from the drop-down menu under theDeduction Is header:

  1. If you already have an existing payroll deduction in place and would like to add another, select In Addition To
  2. If you don't currently have any payroll deductions in place, select New
  3. If you would like to replace all of your current payroll deductions and start a new, single payroll deduction, select Replace All Current

Many units on campus have a Campus Campaign coordinator who can provide employees with a gift form and additional information. If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact Paula Jenkins, vice president of development, Bloomington, at pj@iu.edu or 812-856-1009.