Never Daunted

Now more than ever, IU needs you

The global COVID-19 pandemic, its economic impact, and recent racial injustice tragedies have deeply affected the IU community. Business closures have hindered many students working their way through school. Others are struggling with medical expenses, housing insecurity, and lack of internet access, which inhibits online learning. Furthermore, racial injustice is highlighting gaps in our society’s adherence to fundamental principles such as safety, tolerance, and equality.

Taken together, the challenge posed to the way the IU community lives, learns, and works is extraordinary.

For 200 years, the generosity of the IU family has been a sustaining force. Now is no different. You can continue the tradition of support in this moment of need. Make a gift, and you will make a difference that is inspiring, impactful, and carries on the "never daunted" IU spirit.


You can also support the IU program or school closest to your heart (and help address unforeseen challenges as they inevitably arise) by making a gift at

When the global coronavirus pandemic hit, the restaurant I worked at closed, my daughter’s school closed, and my classes were all moved online. The IU Kokomo Student in Crisis Fund graciously sent me enough money to pay for two months of Wi-Fi. As a single father of two, this was a huge assistance. I am grateful.

-IU Kokomo student recipient of emergency support