One Big Week

Many schools. One Goal. Endless opportunities for our students.

It’s time to show our stripes, Hoosiers! We have one week to show the world the power of the Big Ten—and the generosity of the IU family.

One Big Week is a fun, collaborative campaign in which 13 Big Ten schools are setting aside their rivalries to work together for the benefit of our students. From September 12 to September 18, we’re uniting to raise support for our students and expand access to our institutions.

Hoosiers helping Hoosiers

Student support has always been a defining pillar of being a Big Ten institution. We believe that our students deserve access to a quality education, and that their experience on our campuses should be positive and healthy.

During One Big Week at Indiana University, we’re improving the Hoosier student experience by supporting the “Let’s Talk” Multicultural Outreach Program and the Varsity Club.

Want to find more ways to support Hoosier students? Explore other options here.

Individually we are great.
Together we are better.
Will you join us?

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