It All Starts With You

No matter what you support at IU, you’re changing countless lives and creating a brighter future for us all. Thank you!

Agents of Change

Children's Health Initiative in Ghana

Can after-school sports fight the spread of disease in Ghana?

Learn how IU professor Sarah Young is making a difference in the lives of children »

It’s “happy dance” time!

Your support of IU is making a difference in countless lives. We’d like to say thanks.

IU Treasure: You!

What do we treasure at IU? As a university, we treasure new ideas and insights. We value our campuses and facilities—not for their own sake, but for the achievements they foster. And of course, there's you: IU friends and supporters who make all these other treasures possible. For all that you give, and all your expressions of IU enthusiasm, you are a true treasure.


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