Brighter Futures Created By You

No matter what you support at IU, you’re changing countless lives and creating a brighter future for us all. Thank you!

Making Healing Happen

Stacy Walters knows firsthand the difference doctors make in the lives of patients and families. That's why the future M.D. is grateful for scholarships and financial aid from the IU School of Medicine. Free from financial uncertainty, she can focus on her education and clinical training—the things that will be indispensable to her ability to provide quality care.

Watch to see how generosity is helping Stacy make an impact in her community.

Agents of Change

Big Business Shapes the World for Good

How can a knowledge of geography save lives?

Research and statistical modeling are changing the way governments respond to crises—often before they even occur.

Read about IUPUI professor Dan Johnson to find out how »

Paying it Forward

Mark Cuban isn’t shy about what IU meant to him as a student. So when the Mark Cuban Center for Sports Media and Technology was announced, its objective was clear: Help IU students become the next leaders in a cutting-edge media landscape. Like all support, his gift continues a cycle that will last a lifetime—because at Indiana, we’re all for you.


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