Giving Real Estate

Your home for good

We do the work—you leave the legacy

Giving the gift of real estate is often overlooked by homeowners when considering different philanthropic avenues. Fortunately, the Real Estate Team at the Indiana University Foundation has the resources and experience to make gifts of real estate a reality.

Gift your property

When you give the generous gift of real estate to IU, you help the university and yourself:

  • You may qualify for a federal income tax deduction.
  • You avoid paying capital gains tax.
  • You let go of the hassle of selling the real estate yourself.
  • You are free from maintenance costs, property taxes, and insurance.

Ways to give real estate

You can give real estate to IU in the following ways:

  • Outright gift: Receive an income tax deduction equal to your home’s value.
  • Bequest through your will or trust: Forgo the cost and burden of selling property through your estate.
  • Retained life estate: Keep living in your home and receive a substantial tax deduction.
  • Charitable remainder trust or gift annuity: Give your home and receive lifetime income.
  • Bargain purchase: Receive cash for a portion of your home’s value and a tax deduction for the difference.
  • Transfer on death deed: Ensure your property or real estate goes to Indiana University while avoiding the costly, timely, and often stressful process known as probate.