Investment Performance

Successful investments secure IU's future

Everything we do is designed to provide return rates that meet or exceed IUF's goals—both annually and over the long term. We avoid taking undue risks in any single asset category, which reduces risk at the overall portfolio level.

Indiana University consistently ranks among the top Big Ten institutions for total voluntary support, the sum of private-sector gifts and non-governmental grants received by the university.

Strategies we invest in

To safely maximize our returns, we invest in a number of different strategies:

  • Public Equity includes U.S. equities, international developed market equities, emerging markets equities, and directional (long/short) hedge fund strategies.
  • Private Equity includes venture capital, buyouts, and special situations (e.g., distressed-for-control, mezzanine, private equity secondaries, etc.,).
  • Fixed Income includes investment grade, non-investment grade, and direct lending strategies.
  • Real Assets includes private energy, timber, commodities, and real estate.
  • Absolute Return includes open mandate, event-driven, arbitrage, multi-strategy, credit-oriented, and global macro strategies.

How our investments perform

Over the past decade, we have outperformed our target weighted benchmark by 0.6% per annum. Thanks to our sizable asset base and compound interest, this outperformance means that our investments are worth nearly $100 million more than they would be if they had been invested in our passive index for the past ten years.

Looking to partner?

Our investment team is always looking for best-in-class investment partners and solutions to help us meet our goals. Please email if you are interested in beginning a conversation, and we will respond if the opportunity is a potential fit for Indiana University Foundation’s portfolio.