Development at IU

Learn more about development at Indiana University

Development has a special significance at IU. The sense of fulfillment and purpose that comes with supporting one of the nation’s largest and most forward-looking universities is one of the greatest benefits of working at the IU Foundation.

The IU Foundation’s structure enables broad collaboration across the university, but also independence—meaning every success is personal, but also celebrated throughout the organization.

What is the difference between IU and the IU Foundation?

The Indiana University Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) organization from Indiana University. At the IUF, we are focused on maximizing private support for IU. We foster lifelong relationships with key stakeholders and provide development leadership and fundraising services for campuses and units across the university.

We’re on campus every day, working with faculty, students, alumni, and donors to build the future of Indiana University.

I'm proud of our professionalism and reputation, and that's due to the caliber of the staff: We hire smart, creative people. And I like the work ethic here. In return, the foundation treats its employees well.

— Loretta Higgins, Associate Director of Annual Giving

What is the development structure like at IU?

IU has a decentralized development structure, which means foundation staff members work in partnership with development staff at individual Indiana University schools, units, and campuses, all toward one goal: to help donors directly connect with and support the programs that mean the most to them.

Within our decentralized environment, we actively collaborate with university colleagues to foster and maintain strong personal connections to the campus and academic programs we’re helping support.

IU’s Bicentennial Campaign


Indiana University is in the midst of a historic fundraising campaign, the end of which will mark IU’s 200th year, in 2020. The goal is to raise $3 billion across all campuses of Indiana University, preparing the entire breadth of IU for continued achievement in the centuries to come.

It’s an exciting initiative, which has united IU alumni and supporters in the shared goal of creating a brighter future for all. We are securing the funds that are critical to fueling IU’s academic and research efforts, cementing IU's position as a destination for the world's finest thinkers and leaders.

To be successful, it will take all of us. And you can be a part of it.