Hoosier Family Fellows

Leave a family legacy at IU for generations to come

Devoted IU parents are what make this university special. They recognize the importance of an IU education, but more importantly, they recognize the importance of access to an IU education. The Hoosier Family Fellows program brings IU parents together for the common goal of helping more students—who may not otherwise have the opportunity—achieve their dream of earning an IU degree.

So, long after your own student graduates, you can help give others the same life-changing IU experience.

When our son and daughter were young, we saved and invested so that they could get the education we knew they would need. But the goal of graduating without debt is not possible for everyone. So, we are making it our lifetime goal to give to IU to help other students achieve their educational and life career goals.

Jane Pape and Chuck Potempa, IU parents and Hoosier Family Fellows

The IU family is stronger with your support

Your insight, involvement, and generosity enrich not only the Hoosier Family Fellows network but the IU community at large. To show our appreciation, Fellows are specially invited twice a year to behind-the-scenes tours and events. We want you to get a closer look at the university you’re helping to shape.

Hoosier Family Fellows in their own words: The Dugan family

Our son, Michael, fell in love with Bloomington, Indiana University, and The Media School. He was able to participate in many terrific programs and professional development activities through his journalism major. The academic and professional support he received through the school was outstanding.

Michael spread his enthusiasm to his family. We wanted to support these programs. We wanted to recognize the quality of the education he received—in the classroom and through his outside experiences. We wanted to say thank you by helping The Media School expand these opportunities for other students too.

Our gift to Indiana University provided us with the opportunity to see the work of The Media School firsthand and know that hard-working students would be further supported. It is wonderful to see how IU is at the forefront of advanced journalism practices.

We love IU almost as much as Michael does! Our gift allowed us to experience and support the excellence that Michael knew and to stay connected to the work of the Media School.

Join Hoosier Family Fellows

Learn more about the Hoosier Family Fellows program by contacting Abby O’Neal at 812-856-6024 or aboneal@iu.edu.