Annual Gifts

Make an annual commitment to IU

Your annual gift makes a big difference. It goes to work immediately, ensuring that IU students have the support and services they need to succeed.

IU campuses, schools, and programs depend on the regular replenishment they get from annual gifts. So, by giving what you can each year, you’re making it possible for IU to continue providing opportunities to all of our students and the countless other people and communities that IU touches.

Let your tried-and-true spirit shine

By putting your donation where your heart is, you show the world what a true IU supporter looks like: loyal, selfless, and full of spirit. And your ongoing commitment to IU, year after year, encourages others—lots of others—to follow in your footsteps, from students and other individual donors to large corporations and foundations.

Your generosity can fund scholarships, provide classroom equipment, enrich student services, contribute to vital research, and so much more. However you choose to support IU with your annual gift, thank you!

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Recognizing your generosity

When you give $100 or more in a single year to Indiana University, we recognize you with Annual Giving Loyalty or Annual Giving Leadership status. Those who give annually are integral to the vibrancy, stability, and future of IU—and we could not be more grateful.

Annual Giving Loyalty

Recognizes donors giving $100 to $499

Recognizes donors giving $500 to $999

Annual Giving Leadership

Recognizes donors giving $1,000 to $2,499

Recognizes donors giving $2,500 to $4,999

Recognizes donors giving $5,000 to $9,999

Recognizes donors giving $10,000 or more

Your gift makes a lifechanging difference

See inside how your annual gift can:

  • Pave the way for IU students to succeed.
  • Empower big ideas and bold solutions.
  • Help IU enrich communities in Indiana and beyond.

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Help an IU Crowdfunding team reach its goal today

Whatever you care about, Indiana University can connect you with causes that let you channel your passions into real life-changing opportunities. IU Crowdfunding campaigns highlight the schools, programs, and teams across IU that need your support.

Choose from one of the featured campaigns below or browse other opportunities to rally behind a cause that’s close to your heart.

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I’ll never forget my semester in Chile or how it shaped me. I'm eternally grateful to the people who made it possible. The scholarship I received—aptly named Onward!—provided me with the confidence to pursue my dream. It changed my life and my world.

Michael Caldie, SPEA MPA/MSES Candidate, Class of 2016