Get to know the Indiana University community

At the IU Foundation, we not only support Indiana University’s commitment to leadership in the arts, technology, and business—we’re also a part of it. And as deeply engaged members of our community, we’re privileged to live and work amidst unrivaled beauty, culture, performances, innovations, and experiences, whether they’re taking place down the street or on the global stage.

Since moving to the area from Baltimore, Maryland, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the diversity and activities Bloomington has to offer. Being a college town, Bloomington always has something going on. The IU pride is also quite impressive, not just on game days but year round!

— Elizabeth Marconi, Crimson Application Services Analyst

See the reach of Indiana University

As one of the nation’s leading cultural and research institutions, IU has thriving campuses around the state and a global footprint that reaches far beyond.

From a central campus in vibrant Bloomington, Indiana—which is consistently ranked among the most beautiful in the nation—to international gateway offices around the world, IU is the embodiment of thinking globally and acting locally.

Our Locations

IU Bloomington Campus

A majority of our employees make their home near a campus unrivaled in its beauty, and surrounded by excellent education, vibrant nightlife, nearby nature, and world-class culture and dining.

IUPUI Campus

Our staff in Indianapolis works from our brand-new offices at the heart of the IUPUI campus, the most central of all IU campuses, and steps away from leading entertainment, art, business, and innovation.

IU Northwest Campus

In our Chicago office, we see IU’s lasting impact firsthand via a world-class city that’s also home to one of our strongest and most active alumni communities.