For Students & Parents

Get help paying for your IU education

We offer dozens of scholarship programs for IU students at every educational level and from every social, economic, and academic background.

These scholarships were created by friends of Indiana University who believe in the importance of education—and want to ensure that finances don't get in the way of the opportunities that an IU degree offers you.

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Gain leadership experience while supporting your fellow students—and IU

Student foundations at Indiana University provide valuable leadership opportunities to students interested in gaining experience in the fields of philanthropy, fundraising, scholarships, and student activities—all while working to support the student experience at IU.

The Little 500 at IU Bloomington, the IU Indianapolis Regatta, and similar events are an unforgettable part of the Indiana University experience, and they also directly support scholarships and student programs at IU.

Parents, there's a place for you, too

Congratulations! You're an IU parent. You have a lot to be proud of—but your work isn't done. Your student will need your support more than ever in the years to come.

We could also use your support. Tuition covers only a fraction of the cost of educating a student at IU, and gifts from people like you make a big difference.

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Get the experience you need to succeed

You know that you need real-world experience in order to increase your chances of finding a rewarding career after graduation. But did you know the internship opportunity you're looking for could be right here in Bloomington?

If you're interested in a career in philanthropy, you owe it to yourself to look into our summer internship program. You'll get hands-on experience and specialized academic training you won't find anywhere else on campus.

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