We help leaders become legacy builders

The women and men of the Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council are extraordinary leaders who are committed to furthering Indiana University's mission—and to helping you reach your potential.

Our Council members have different stories—some are first-generation alumnae, some are supportive spouses of IU faculty, some have rich family histories steeped in Indiana University. But they all share a love for IU.

I love seeing and feeling tangible impact and leadership personified.

Jim Fielding, Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council member

Active Council Members

Sallie Jo Tardy Mitzell, Chair
Laurie Burns McRobbie, Founding Co-Chair
Julie A. Davis, Immediate Past Chair
Alisa L. Hendrix, Past Chair
Kay R. Booth, Past Chair
Kathy Z. Anderson
Amy Carroll Balcius
Abeer Bar
Mary B. Boelke
Julie A. Christopher
Sylvia M. Collins
Andrea F. Dynes
Colleen S. Edwards
Connie J. Ferguson
James D. Fielding
Sherri Fritsch
Penny L. Gaither
Nancy M. Gandelot
Bonnie Gibson
Lynda Greig
Dena Rae Hancock
Tavonna Harris Askew

Mary Ann Holand
Kalen I. Jackson
Lacy Johnson
Alleen J. Keefer
Kelly P. King
Michelle A. Lawless
Kathleen A. Ligocki
Patricia A. Martin
Lisa D. Patterson
Kim I. Pressman
Melissa Proffitt Schmidt
J. Robert Quigg, III
Colleen Riley
Terra Seidel
Michael D. Shumate
Janet S. Smith
Joyce St. Clair
Robin L. Steis
Anna Maria Storniolo
Patricia J. Theil
Linda S. Watson
Dawn M. Whitehead
Pam Meyer Yttri

Elinor Ostrom Level Donors & Partners of Women's Philanthropy

MaryEllen Bishop
Michelle Brawner
Juliet Ellis
Jennifer Gray
Holly C. Johnson
Patricia Johnson

Sharon K. Kovener
Robin P. Newhouse
Nancy M. Norton
Susan B. Noyes
Deborah F. Tobias
Hadassah Weiner

Honorary Members

Jacqueline D. Baker
Debora A. Bennett
Peg Brand Weiser
Patricia L. Brotherson
Mary Susan Buhner
Kathryn D. Callen
Anita H. Cast
Gayle Cook
Lois J. Eskenazi
Linda H. Friedlander
Ellen J. Gignilliat
Janet K. Godfrey
Sarah L. Hanssen
Ann Harrison
Nancy B. Hunt
David H. Jacobs, Jr.
Jane M. Jorgensen
Dale Ellen Leff, Chair Emerita
Jane Halagiere Martin
Sybil S. Mervis

Darby A. McCarty
Luzetta A. Newkirk
Patricia R. Miller
Lynn E. Reichle
Ann L. Rysenga
Jacqueline A. Simmons
Janice L. Simmons
Kimberly A. Simpson
Cindy Simon Skjodt
Donna L. Spears
Kathleen C. Sprau
Sally F. Springer
Judi A. Stewart
Judy A. Summerville
Sue H. Talbot
Viola J. Taliaferro
Martha A. Tardy
Marianne W. Tobias
Margaret R. Watanabe

Distinguished Members

Patricia Peterson Danielson
Irene Lilly McCutchen
Debra J. Mesch
Daniel C. Smith
Eugene Tempel

In Memoriam

Helen Gibbons
Jane Fortune
Patricia Peterson Danielson
Melanie Walker

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