Bicentennial Campaign

For all who will shape our next century

In the year 2020, Indiana University will celebrate its 200th birthday. That’s 200 years of forward thinkers and dreamers. Of pioneers and pacesetters. 200 years of world-changing, paradigm-shifting IU ingenuity.

Yet, there’s still so much more to do. We must continue to ask the important questions: What kind of world will future generations inherit? And what can be done to give them the future they deserve? Who can deliver new hope to those who suffer? Who can find solutions that build smarter, healthier communities?

We can. All of us.

Through For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, we are celebrating all that we’ve accomplished in our first 200 years and supporting all the promise our next two centuries hold. This unprecedented, university-wide campaign will honor our past and create a brighter future for all.

Will you join us?

115,000 students. 650,000 alumni. 1 historic campaign.

This campaign is for all of us: for the Jaguars and Hoosiers, the Red Wolves and Titans. The proud alumni and close friends. The companies and communities that understand how an investment in IU equals an investment in our state, nation, and world.

Through our hard work, our restless spirits, and our refusal to accept the status quo, we’ve established IU as a premier research institution and a pacesetter for academic freedom, tolerance, and international exchange. When you give to IU, you strengthen that legacy and expand the impact of our efforts exponentially.

With your help, we will unite IU alums and supporters and secure the funds critical to fueling IU’s academic and research efforts. And we will cement IU’s position as a destination for the next generation of problem-solvers and change agents.

For all who love IU

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To ensure IU remains home to the world’s finest thinkers and leaders and a magnet to the most able and deserving students, it will take all of us.

—Michael A. McRobbie, President, Indiana University

For all we’ve accomplished thus far

Since the campaign’s launch, we’ve witnessed historic generosity across all IU campuses. Thanks to your overwhelming support, IU has established life-changing new initiatives, including:

  • 3,500 endowed scholarships and fellowships
  • 147 endowed chairs and professorships

It’s clear that IU is engaged and galvanized as never before. The understanding of the profound impact of philanthropy is everywhere. But we cannot rest on our laurels. This vital moment in our history presents the opportunity to impact IU far into the next century.

To this end, we have set a new campaign goal of $3 billion and extended the campaign timeline six months, to conclude in June 2020.

There are so many more students, faculty, and staff deserving of our support—men and women who can’t fully achieve their incredible potential without a helping hand. Your continued support will make it possible to:

  • Provide an affordable, accessible, world-class education
  • Conquer current and future health crises
  • Push research initiatives in new and groundbreaking directions
  • Ensure IU remains a destination campus for all

IU’s bicentennial will be a time that will never happen again. Extending the campaign through the entirety of the bicentennial year and increasing the goal takes full advantage of every day of this unique opportunity. And as a result, the IU family will be enabled to do all we can to propel IU into its next century as one of the world's greatest universities.

Make an investment that leads to a better world for all

For more information on how you can become a part of this historic initiative, or for help in identifying the IU area or program that best aligns with your philanthropic passions, contact Jeffrey Lindauer, Vice President for Advancement Services and Managing Director of Capital Campaigns, at or 812-855-4567.