Bicentennial Campaign

For all who will shape our next century

Join us from now until January of 2020—Indiana University’s bicentennial year—as we celebrate 200 years of IU achievement with For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign.

Glimpse the future of IU—and our world—with Meryl Streep, LHD’14, as your guide. Share the video on Facebook and Twitter.

Over the last two centuries, we've pioneered advances in global affairs, medicine, and the arts and sciences. We've established ourselves as a pacesetter for academic freedom, tolerance, and international exchange. And we've built a culture where students are inspired to fulfill their promise, to become citizens of the world, and to lead by example.

As we approach our bicentennial anniversary on January 20, 2020, help us support and prepare Indiana University for the centuries to come.

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