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Together, we’re creating a healthier tomorrow

Indiana University plays an essential role in providing health-related services to people across Indiana, the U.S., and the world.

With your support, we’re training tomorrow’s health care practitioners, public health experts, and medical researchers. Thanks to you, we’re putting research into practice, pioneering life-saving treatments, and exploring the myriad factors that contribute to people’s health and wellbeing.

No. 1supplier of Indiana’s nurses, dentists, and surgeons

$120 MILLIONcommitted to curing 3 types of cancer

$50 MILLIONinvested to prevent and reduce addictions in Indiana

Addressing our world’s greatest health challenges

With the support of donors, IU is working to solve our world’s greatest health challenges, like opioid addiction, health care inequities, mental illness stigma, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.

For instance, the Brown Center for Immunotherapy at the IU School of Medicine is working to develop new treatments and cure disease through the use of cell-based immunotherapies, with an initial focus on multiple myeloma and breast cancer.

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[Breast cancer research] truly impacts people’s lives—mine and those abroad. I am evidence of what research can do and will do. It’s lifesaving and life-changing.

Nadia Miller, breast cancer survivor

Purdue graduate Tyler Trent died Jan. 1, 2019, of a rare form of bone cancer. Before he died, Trent donated samples of his tumor to the IU School of Medicine. With his gift, researchers developed a therapy that halts osteosarcoma cancer growth.

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IU Indianapolis professor Sally Wasmuth has received multiple grants for her arts-based recovery initiatives, using theater as therapy for girls and women of color, and as a way to spark community conversation.

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Kinsey Primer

Scott C. Schurz donated $2 million to establish the Kinsey Institute Bicentennial Endowed Chair. Schurz's gift will be used to support the Kinsey Institute's renowned research and education activities on human sexuality.

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For all the lives we’ll improve, we thank you

For all the lives our research will save, for all the relief our practitioners will provide, for all the healthier futures you have helped to create, you have our deepest gratitude.