Carlos Miller in the greenhouse Cultivating ScienceThe late IU Professor Carlos O. Miller’s dedication and philanthropy to the field he loves continues today through IU.

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Photo of Patricia Fehl Inspiring Public ServiceFormer Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill’s $3 million gift to IU will help future students follow in his distinguished footsteps.

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Photo of Edie Beck A Gift for IU WomenEdie Beck was determined to fulfill her dream of attending IU. Now she’s helping other women students do the same.

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IU South Bend central fountain Art Across IUWhen IU friends give the gift of art, they create campus spaces that are illuminating and inspiring. See for yourself in this slideshow of art given to IU.

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IU Student Foundation Little 500
Get Ready, Get Set...

Go! to the Little 500, one of IU’s most celebrated traditions, this April 25-26.

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