Dear Donor

We can’t possibly convey how much your generosity means to IU, so take it from the students featured in the video here: Your support is changing lives.
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P.S. Every word in this video—and every quote on this page—comes directly from thank-you notes written by grateful IU students to donors like you!

IU is my favorite place ever. Thank you for the support that has made this place so special to me and everyone else! ♥ Thank you!

You’re at the heart of it all

Scholarships are just one aspect of the incredible IU experience that you make possible.

Beautiful campuses. Inspiring professors. Rigorous programs. Innovative research. Hands-on training. Life-changing opportunities. It all comes together to create a world-class education that shapes the next generation of dreamers, doers, and leaders.

And it all starts with your gift.

No matter what you support at IU—from books to buildings—you’re making a difference at IU, and beyond.

Long after I turn my tassel, when I look back on my time at IU, I’ll remember that you helped make it possible. Thank you so so so much!

By giving to IU, you’ve given me so much: an education, friends, opportunities, and lifelong memories. Your support has made all the difference. Thank you!

Thank you ...

... for believing in something bigger than yourself

All the quotes on this page come from notes written by IU students on Thank a Donor Day. They represent just a small fraction of our gratitude for all that you make possible at IU every day.

... for painting the world red

Though your love of IU may live all the year through,
we created a day to bring IU to you.
A day for students, alumni, the tried and the true,
IU Day’s a party for all who love IU.

For IU Day 2017, you celebrated in 62 countries around the world and used social media to generate $13,932 for scholarships. 

... for shaping IU’s next century

As Indiana University approaches its 200th birthday in 2020, the IU family is coming together to support IU’s bicentennial campaign. As of October 2017, more than 270,000 donors have already contributed, creating more than 3,500 new scholarships.