Well House Society

You can preserve the one-of-a-kind IU experience.

There are many ways you can impact IU, but only support of the Well House Society helps IU address unexpected areas of need and opportunity. This kind of support is essential to preserving and enhancing the IU experience for students, staff, faculty, and friends.

One percent makes a difference for all.

State funding and tuition cover only a portion of the total cost it takes to deliver IU’s life-changing experience and world-class education. Charitable giving offsets much of the difference; however, nearly 99 percent of these gifts are designated for a particular IU cause.

This makes the remaining 1 percent of philanthropic gifts—flexible funding used at the discretion of IU’s president—particularly vital to IU.

These gifts support needs that might otherwise go unanswered, such as emergency scholarship assistance and cultural programs that enrich campus life.

Support when and where IU needs it

IU presidents have used Well House Society funds to support a wide array of IU causes that impact some of the most beloved and essential parts of the IU experience. From pioneering programs and facilities to historic traditions and campus treasures, the Well House Society has its fingerprints on many important initiatives across IU.

Supporting One IU – The Well House Society has helped fund the One IU organization, which supports diverse racial and ethnic groups on the IU Bloomington campus.
Restoring Maxwell Hall courtyard – A fixture of the Bloomington campus and IU's Old Crescent heritage, Maxwell Hall courtyard was revitalized with help from the Well House Society. Enhancements include a space for cultural and educational programming, and smaller spaces for reflection.
IU Arboretum tree planting – Following 2011's severe weather damage that claimed many of the conservatory's (and campus's) oldest trees, the Well House Society funded tree planting and restoration of the beloved space.
Enhancing the IUPUI campus – Through the Welcoming Campus Initiative (supported in part by the Well House Society), IUPUI will soften its concrete facade with trees, flowers, and all types of greenery to create new spaces that enrich the student experience.

Double your impact with a bicentennial match.

In honor of IU’s ongoing bicentennial campaign, IU will match your gift to the Well House Society dollar for dollar up to $1 million each year until the campaign ends in 2020. The match is a wonderful opportunity to maximize your gift and the good it will do at IU.

How to join

Age 41+
Make a minimum annual gift to iu of$2,000 with at least $1,000 of your gift designated to WHS

Age 40 and under
Make a minimum annual gift to iu of$1,000 with at least $500 of your gift designated to WHS.

Make your gift to become a Well House Society member.

Make a pledge and "build for a long time."

Former IU president Herman B Wells famously said, “When you build, build for a long time.” Pledging a gift to the Well House Society lets you do just that by leveraging IU’s bicentennial match to maximize your philanthropic impact.

Consider the impact of making a five-year pledge to give $2,000 annually to the Well House Society.

Your five-year pledge—enhanced by IU’s bicentennial match—lets you think beyond the gift you’re capable of giving at the moment to the impact you hope to make at IU.

Or as Dr. Wells might say, it helps you …

Build opportunity. Build tradition. Build for the future of IU.

Make your pledge now. Contact us to start planning your gift.

You’ll also get updates on the latest IU happenings sent straight to your inbox. Plus, you’ll have a personal contact at IU Foundation to assist with needs and inquiries.

IUF Regional Development Team

Well House Society strengthens the character of our campuses that makes IU the exceptional, deeply enriching institution it has been for the past 200 years, and will be into its third century.

Michael A. McRobbie, Indiana University president