Women’s Philanthropy DEI Vision

Creating an ecosystem of inclusive philanthropy and transformative change, for all.

In 2020, Women’s Philanthropy at IU celebrated a decade of growth, service, leadership, and philanthropic impact. As we look ahead to the next decade and beyond, we are also taking stock of how well our work has aligned with our values and our goals for creating a community characterized by its diversity, its commitment to equity, and its inclusive spirit. We can point to many programs and grants, as well as engagement of a diverse group of philanthropists and supporters of IU, as indicators that we are moving in line with these goals. However, we also recognize that there is much more that we can and must do. In the context of widespread calls to address systemic racism and injustice, we renew our commitment to creating an ecosystem of inclusive philanthropy and transformative change for all.

Women’s Philanthropy at IU is dedicated to supporting Indiana University in fulfilling its mission as a public research university that serves the citizens of Indiana and communities around the nation and world, and that itself is a positive force in creating a just and equitable society. Women’s Philanthropy will deepen our efforts to ensure that our fundraising and grant making are responsive to diverse constituents, especially those who have been historically disadvantaged. We will strengthen our engagement of leaders and philanthropists within and beyond IU’s alumni population, ensuring we reflect its diversity. We will expand our work to broaden the visibility and impact of women’s philanthropy in ways that educate, inspire, and empower all others to join us. And we will work to ensure that all feel heard, valued, and included.

As a program of the Indiana University Foundation (IUF), Women’s Philanthropy at IU is committed to its goal of ensuring that people from groups that experience discrimination and underrepresentation are included and valued. We also commit to respecting, exploring and celebrating differences in order to increase productivity, spark innovation, improve performance and enhance our ability to excel in a competitive and dynamic world.

Women’s Philanthropy at IU’s vision for growth and expansion include:

Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council (WPLC) Grants Program will

  • Ensure that all applications for WPLC grants articulate the ways in which they will impact diverse constituents, particularly those with historic disadvantages, and the ways in which grant outcomes will contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive environment at Indiana University, and beyond.
  • Engage in extensive outreach to campus programs that serve diverse populations and increase outreach to IU’s regional campuses to deepen the awareness and utilization of the grants program by a more diverse pool of applicants.

WPLC Membership will

  • Actively recruit new members with a wide range of attributes beyond those currently represented on the Council.

  • Review demographics of the current student and alumni base to inform strategies for recruiting prospective WPLC members.

Programming and Engagement Activities will

  • Partner with IU colleagues and programs to reach diverse audiences, including amplifying innovative programs beyond the Women’s Philanthropy scope.

  • Continue to build meaningful programs and opportunities for engagement, including speakers and topics that challenge us to think beyond our own experiences.

  • Enhance engagement options with recent IU graduates and current students.

Philanthropic Impact will

  • Deepen the understanding of philanthropic motivations of diverse populations through research and intentional conversations.

  • Collaborate with allies, especially the Black Philanthropy Circle and Queer Philanthropy Circle, on fundraising efforts to be donor-centric in engagement with IU.

  • Engage in fundraising and stewardship activities that contribute to building a more diverse and inclusive institution.