Onward! The Curtis R. Simic Scholarship for Leaders Nomination Form

"Onward!" This was Herman B Wells' last word to the faculty when he announced his retirement from the presidency of Indiana University on April 8, 1960.

The best leaders—in public life, in corporate circles, and certainly in higher education— beget leadership. They invest precious resources of energy, talent, commitment, and vision to produce new resources that will bloom and mature to serve the next generation of institutions.

Curt Simic is such a leader. He retired as president and chief executive officer of the Indiana University Foundation in July 2008, culminating a distinguished 44-year career in higher education fundraising.

To honor Curt and his distinguished leadership and service to Indiana University, the Indiana University Foundation Board of Associates, the advisory board to the Student Foundation program, established Onward! The Curtis R. Simic Scholarship for Leaders.


Onward! The Curtis R. Simic Scholarship for Leaders will be awarded to Indiana University Bloomington students who demonstrate outstanding leadership and commitment to positive engagement in the Indiana University community. Full-time juniors or seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 will qualify, and both in-state and out- of-state students are eligible. The scholarship awards will be in an amount equal to the cost of in-state tuition for one year at Indiana University Bloomington.

Nomination of Candidates and Selection of Recipients

IU Bloomington faculty and staff are invited to nominate candidates for this scholarship. To do so, please submit the form below, including a letter of recommendation of 250-500 words, by March 10.