Thanks to You

A mountain of thanks for you

Funny thing about thank-you notes from IU students: They rarely mention dollars.

It’s not for lack of gratitude. Rather, students are busy expressing thanks for things like life-changing opportunities, career-shaping skills, and unforgettable memories. Still more share words of appreciation for the confidence that your support inspires.

So we hope you know that while your gift to IU may be counted in dollars and cents, it counts for much, much more. The thank-you notes in the video—written by actual IU students—show you just how much.

Thank you for keeping the campus beautiful. I love the pretty flowers and trees!

Your gifts mean more than you know

Student experiences are just part of the IU story that you make possible. Life-changing discoveries. Phenomenal arts and cultural programs. Community outreach and enrichment. Your generosity fuels it all. 

No matter what you have supported at IU, you have changed a life for the better—and we couldn’t be more grateful.

How many freshmen can say they work alongside their professors in field work and research!?








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Never would I have imagined spending a semester in France polishing my French language skills. Thank you for easing my economic burden this year and allowing me these new opportunities.