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How can your gift to Indiana University change the world? It empowers IU students, faculty, and researchers across all campuses who are working to address major global concerns. For example, in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, they are tackling an issue that affects us all: the availability of clean water—now and for future generations.

Students gain the skills necessary to tackle issues that will impact us all.

SPEA’s water resources program equips students with the skills and experiences to address water quality treatment, pollution prevention, sustainable urban growth, and more.

Graduates become scientists, advocates, and policymakers with global influence.

SPEA’s network of 30,000 alumni includes graduates who have worked at the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Geological Survey, and other influential agencies and companies.

Faculty members are empowered to conduct critical research in their fields.

SPEA faculty bring diverse backgrounds and interests to their classrooms and research, addressing such topics as sustainability, water utilities, pesticides, and lakes and rivers.

Whether you choose to support SPEA or another great cause, your gift to IU can do a world of good.

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