WHS Impact Report

During these uncertain times, IU and the Well House Society would like to take the opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your encouragement this past year. The projects detailed in this impact report were funded during 2019.

We understand the world looked much different in 2019 compared to today and we celebrate donors like you who have done so much good for IU and its students. Now more than ever, we are grateful for your support.

For more than 40 years, the Well House Society has transformed the face of Indiana University. From supporting programs that shape lives to preserving the places that many hold dear, the Well House Society’s generous members have truly left their mark on the IU of today and the IU of tomorrow.

This past year was no different. Your support transformed traditional landmarks, enriched robust programming, and left IU better than you found it. Your generosity has shaped what IU is and will become in the years ahead.

Take a closer look at the difference you helped make as a Well House Society member in 2019.

Enhancing the IU experience for all

With your support and in commemoration of IU's 2020 Bicentennial, the Well House Society is helping to restore some of IUs beloved landmarks to their former glory. Furthermore, its creating new spaces to treasure so that future generations can experience the incredible IU we’ve all come to love.

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Wright Quadrangle Murals: Thanks to the Well House Society, another chapter in IU’s 200-year history has come to a close; Well House Society support helped bring to life the the newest (and final) addition to the historic Wright Quadrangle murals: Professor Caleb Weintraub has depicted significant moments and figures from 1999 to the present. The newly unveiled mural celebrates IU’s distinguished faculty, tradition in the arts, global engagement, strength in information technology, and diverse community. Photo courtesy of Chaz Mottinger, Indiana University
Elinor Ostrom Statue: Thanks to Well House Society support, the late Professor Elinor Ostrom will be honored with a historical marker outside of Woodburn Hall, created by alumnus Michael McAuley. Ostrom was the first woman—and the first political scientist—to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics. She was a pioneering, influential scholar whose life and career brought great distinction to Indiana University, and her marker will serve to inspire generations to come.
Metz Bicentennial Grand Carillon: With Well House Society support, a nearly 50-year-old IU musical tradition has once again become a central part of life on campus. In January 2020, the Arthur R. Metz Bicentennial Grand Carillon—an upgraded and relocated version of the carillon dedicated in 1971 on the edge of campus—once again rang loudly, this time from its new location adjoining the IU Arboretum. Four more bells give the carillon a grand distinction—one of fewer than 30 in the world and one of a handful nationwide. Photo courtesy of James Brosher, Indiana University

Your commitment is second to none

Well House Society members are special. You can count yourselves among IUs most loyal friends. Truly, Well House Society membership is a calling card of those who are IUs staunchest supporters.

In fact, half of our members have supported the Well House Society for more than 10 years. Nearly 40 percent have been members for 20 years or more!

< 5 years31.57%
5-9 years12.55%
10-19 years18.04%
20-29 years16.27%
30+ years21.57%


Well House Society members know better than anyone that commitment to IU isnt confined to the Hoosier state. This tight-knit group of IU supporters spans a vast geographic area. Members reside in 33 states, from Washington to Florida and almost everywhere in between. Wherever you are, youre never too far from a Well House Society friend.

* Not shown on map: Well House Society members in Washington, D.C., (3).

Granting opportunity

In partnership with the Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council at Indiana University, your 2019 gift helped fund various Well House Society grants that made lasting impacts on current and future students through the following IU programs.

Jacobs Connect

Well House Society funding made it possible for the Jacobs School of Music to conduct a study examining how to build and implement online learning platforms. The study revealed a plethora of newly compiled data on the online music learning market, including demand, delivery mechanisms, points of entry, and more.

After compiling a dataset of more than half a million online music tutorials and analyzing the online offerings of peer music schools/institutions, the study revealed a relatively weak market full of opportunities for the Jacobs School to successfully pursue.

Overdose Lifeline

Through funding provided by the Well House Society, IU Kokomo and IU Bloomington faculty were able to develop educational training on opioid misuse that reached 8th graders around the state. Innovations included community forums and evidence-based and personality-targeted programming, including PreVenture.

So many of our resources go towards addressing drug behaviors directly, we never thought about addressing the emotional triggers that can lead to all types of negative health behaviors. We are hopeful that PreVenture will inform our students how to make healthy and unhealthy choices when responding to emotional triggers. These skills will last a lifetime.

-Indiana Middle School Administrator

Thank you for all you do for IU

Your support of the Well House Society is absolutely essential to continuing the good work that happens at IU. Individuals like you are the quiet reason IU can continue to succeed—and you are so very much appreciated.

If you have questions regarding your Well House Society membership or other inquiries we might be able to assist with, please let us know.

whsiuf@iu.edu | 812-855-8321