Investing in Our Leaders

Investing in Our Leaders Program

Join a dynamic group of volunteers who empower individuals to engage with Indiana University while deeply connecting with issues that matter.

The Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council (WPLC) is proud to offer the Investing in Our Leaders Program which creates leadership opportunities for those with the expertise, time, and passion to make a difference while acknowledging the potential financial constraints of WPLC membership. A gift fund has been established at the IU Foundation to offer memberships to a limited number of interested individuals each year.

WPLC aims to inspire those who join us to support current and future generations of students, faculty, and ground-breaking research. We are committed to facilitating events, learning experiences, and meaningful relationships with our IU community, and we want you to join us!

What you gain

  • Lend your voice to a collective group of passionate volunteers working together to improve the student experience, advance research, and enrich communities across all of IU’s campuses
  • Board volunteer experience, networking opportunities, and deeper IU engagement
  • A complimentary active membership to the Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council with voting privileges

What you give

  • Leadership, passion, ideas, connections, and a collective spirit
  • One term (three years) of service through time dedicated to the Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council
  • Attendance at three business meetings of the WPLC per year
  • Active participation in at least one WPLC Committee

How to apply

  • Complete our online application, including
    1. A personal statement detailing the unique skills and perspective you bring, and what you hope to gain by participating in the WPLC
    2. Resume

Apply to the Investing in Our Leaders Program

Selection Process and Timeline

IU Foundation staff select recipients based on application review and an individual’s ability to commit time and talent to the WPLC. The annual application deadline is May 1 with WPLC membership terms beginning on July 1.

Donate a Membership Opportunity

We invite you to support this initiative through a donation. The WPLC remains strong because of the collective experiences our members bring to the table. With your support, we can continue to ensure WPLC membership opportunities are available for those interested in serving IU and our IU communities. While a gift of any amount will be put to good use, one year of membership is $5,000 and a full, three-year term is $15,000.

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