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Storytelling is one of the most fundamental human practices.

It’s more than just an art form. Narratives tie us to our communities, our families, and the rest of the world. The Media School at Indiana University is rooted in this practice. But as the tools used to tell stories evolve and become more technologically complex, we must be prepared to change.

Founded on a decades-long tradition of communication research and instruction, The Media School brings the best minds to the modern iterations of storytelling, ensuring that our students are prepared for the many challenges they will face.

Our mission to attract the most promising students—and to give them the experiences and opportunities they need to excel—is attainable, but not without your help. For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign gives us the opportunity to raise the private support necessary to establish our school as one of the premier learning institutions for media and technology.

Together, we can continue to tell stories and spread meaningful messages that strengthen our communities. Together, we can fulfill the promise of a more connected Indiana and, ultimately, a less divided world.

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