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As populations grow and lifespans continue to increase, the world is at its greatest need for exceptional nurses. Our future depends on professional health care providers who—more than anything else—are passionate about improving the wellness of their patients and improving quality of life for us all.

At Indiana University School of Nursing, we envision global communities where clinical nurses, educators, innovators, and scientists lead the way to provide the highest level of care and to promote human health. We are working today, and every day, to realize that vision.

But it will take your help. Through For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, we’re seeking to generate the critical private support necessary to increase student scholarships and mentorships, honors programs, and career services. With your support we can expand international service-learning opportunities, grow endowed faculty positions, increase funding for research, and sustain community engagement.

Together, we’ll fulfill the promise of creating healthier communities, better care, and a more vibrant future for all.

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