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At the Indiana University School of Social Work, we remain dedicated to a mission we started more than 100 years ago: advancing social and economic justice, empowerment, and human well-being in a changing global landscape. Every day, our alumni are using their skills to help individuals and communities find what sometimes seems like a scarce resource: hope.

Today, our smart and compassionate students—wholly committed to bettering lives in Indiana and beyond—are in demand more than ever.

With your support, these students will use their passion and expertise to help people find the social and economic justice that eludes them. We invite you to please support our mission. Together we can alter the course of the lives of some of the most vulnerable among us.

As part of For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, we at the IU School of Social Work are seeking to raise critical private support to sustain and expand this mission. Together, we can fulfill the promise of building stronger communities and creating a brighter future for all.

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For all whoHelp those who suffer.

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For more information about giving to the IU School of Social Work, call Sandy Noe at 317-274-6705 or visit us online.

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