Parents Circle

Parents are our greatest partners.

The Parents Circle is an exclusive group of families that are shaping the present—and future—of Indiana University. Joining the Parents Circle at IU is an opportunity to show your tremendous pride in your child’s achievements, and your commitment to their future success.

We invite you to join us.

You can join the Parents Circle by making an annual gift of at least $250 to the Parents Fund. As a Parents Circle member, you'll provide critical support that directly enhances the IU experience—from supporting mental health and counseling services to bolstering the resources of the Career Development Center to funding special opportunities like study abroad and service learning.

Many Parents Circle members support other areas of campus, as well, whether that be athletic programs, arts and cultural offerings, or their child’s academic unit. In all cases, Parents Circle members are deeply valued partners in enriching the IU experience—for their student and thousands of others.

Friend: $250 annual gift

Supports outcomes such as:

  • Fee remission for 16 students in need of counseling services
  • A team-building workshop for one student organization

Partner: $1,000 annual gift

Supports outcomes such as:

  • 100 emergency meal cards for students facing food insecurity
  • Two emergency grants for students in crisis

Leader: $2,500 annual gift

Supports outcomes such as:

  • Diversity and equity training for student employees
  • Nutrition counseling and health coaching for 85 students

Champion: $5,000 annual gift

Supports outcomes such as:

  • A Friday Late Nite event for over 400 students
  • A one-day leadership workshop for 60 students

Parents play an integral role in Indiana University’s success. Many give their time, their talents, and their financial support to make sure their students have the best experience possible. We are grateful for every Hoosier parent who partners with us to ensure that IU continues to flourish.

Michael A. McRobbie, Former President, Indiana University

Join the Parents Circle today and equip your student—and IU—for tomorrow.

To learn more about the Parents Circle, please contact us at, 812-855-8311, or 800-558-8311.