Parents Fund

Every day at Indiana University, something extraordinary happens.

Our students embark on profound, life-changing experiences. They challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones. They discover their true potential.

IU is committed to providing your child with the richest, most fulfilling experience possible. Supporting the Parents Fund is an opportunity for you to contribute to your child’s success, strengthen your ties to the university, and ensure ongoing excellence at IU. Plus, an annual gift of at least $250 qualifies you for membership in the IU Parents Circle.

Parents are deeply important in shaping their students’ college experience at Indiana University. Whether they are volunteering their time or their resources, parents’ active engagement in their students’ experience enhances the quality of education that we can provide.

Lauren Robel, Former Provost and Executive Vice President, Indiana University

Enriches the campus experience.

Whether it’s creating innovative study spaces in the library or offering emergency loans for students in crisis, the Parents Fund supports programs and opportunities that directly benefit your student—and thousands of others.

Helps students discover and follow their passions.

By contributing to leadership training, study abroad programs, and service-learning initiatives, the Parents Fund supports experiences that truly transform students’ lives.

Prepares your child to take their place in the world.

From additional resume help to enhanced career counseling to expanded networking opportunities, the Parents Fund supports students’ personal and professional development, equipping them for a lifetime of success.

Without the Parents Fund Internship Housing Grant, I would not have been able to experience an internship in New York City. I am endlessly appreciative of the help with housing that allowed me to see a gorgeous city and work for a great company.

Sierra Seifert, BS’14